Here's What the Church of Scientology Doesn't Want You to See

April 28th 2016

Kyle Jaeger

The Church of Scientology is doing everything in its power to prevent the release of a forthcoming book about the controversial organization and its leader, David Miscavige, which was written by the subject's father, Ron Miscavige.

Scientology Big Blue Building on Fountain

In a letter sent to the book's publisher on Monday, lawyers for the Scientology leader threaten to take legal action against Silvertail Books if the London-based publishing company goes forward with its May 3 release, The Hollywood Reporter reports. The letter contains clues about church scandals detailed in the book, including allegations that David Miscavige hired a security guard to follow his own father.


Miscavige's lawyers point to seven examples of what they call "malicious, false, misleading, and highly defamatory allegations." That includes reports of the client's "erratic and abusive" management style, his lavish lifestyle, and his role in the creation of "The Hole," where high-ranking Scientology members were reportedly "subjected to deprivation and violence" as a means of punishment.

Miscavige's lawyers list the following as false allegations.


“It is clear that the publication of this book has been motivated against the background of an extremely difficult and an unfortunate family history, which ultimately resulted in the alienation of our client and his two sisters from their father and brother, whose misconduct and transgressions over the years have been a source of extremely serious concern," the letter reads.

"We are therefore putting you on notice of not only the potential reputational damage that this book may cause to our client in the UK and Ireland, but which is also likely to cause serious resultant damage to the extensive charitable work of the Church of Scientology in these jurisdictions."

A similar letter was also sent to New York-based publishing company St. Martin's Press, which plans to release the book in the U.S.


Many of the allegations listed by Miscavige's lawyers were revealed in earlier books, articles, and documentaries about the Church of Scientology, The Hollywood Reporter reports. Reporter Lawrence Wright's 2013 book, "Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief," was adapted into a documentary film that aired on HBO last year, exposing systemic corruption and abuses that have become endemic to the organization.

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