The One Benefit to Being Cheated On

April 27th 2016

Danielle DeCourcey

If you believe the speculation surrounding Beyonce's new album "Lemonade," then you know that any woman can be cheated on by her husband or boyfriend.

Some studies have shown that women experience more pain after a break-up.

But new research shows that being cheated on has benefits.

Researchers at Binghamton University and the University College London conducted the largest study ever about break-ups. They gave an online survey to 5,705 people in 96 countries and found that women who have been cheated on become something of a human lie detector with men and develop stronger personality traits, as well.

Basically, after you've been cheated on you become a bad ass.

Craig Morris a research associate at Binghamton University and the lead author on the study told ATTN: that after the initial pain of a break up things get much better:

"Most women who have lost a mate to another women report a 'silver lining' of higher mating intelligence. What this means, in their words, is that they are more attuned to cues of infidelity in a future mate, more aware of how other women interact with their mate, [have] more self confidence and more self-awareness, and independence in general." —Craig Morris, research associate at Binghamton University

Women on Twitter seem to agree with Morris' findings.

The data also shows that the "other woman" loses in the long term, too.

"Logic, and anecdotal evidence suggest that the woman who poached a man from another woman will not have a successful long term relationship in most cases," said Morris.

This research could serve as a guiding light for women suffering the initial pain of a break-up. You are not alone and things will get better, said Morris. More than 85 percent of people will experience a break-up in their lifetime. "It's going to hurt, it's OK to get help, even medical if needed, and you are going to recover," he said.

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