Women Shared Their 'Hoe Stories' and Men Can't Even

April 27th 2016

Taylor Bell

The internet went abuzz with women sharing their "hoe stories," and men everywhere just can't even.

It all started when British sex and relationships blogger Dami Olonisakin asked women to send her their juiciest sex stories in an attempt to spark an honest conversation about women's sexuality.

"I'm always creating debates and conversations about sex and relationships," Olonisakin told ATTN: in an emailed statement. "However this time I wanted women to talk about their sex lives but share all the things which are too taboo to discuss."

Women soon began sending their most explicit and colorful sexual adventures, which Olonisakin then posted anonymously on her Twitter page.

Some of the women talked about sleeping with two different men within hours of each others. Other women revealed explicit details about having a threesome and being on the prowl for sex and "friends with benefits."

The "hoe stories" continued.

Although a lot people enjoyed the tea time about women's sexual experiences, some men began to show contempt and judgment toward the women.

"The reaction from women have been amazing," Olonisakin told ATTN:. "They love it and want more, they're also pondering on whether or not their sex life is interesting after reading the thread. The men on the other side seem heart broken and full of emotions. I've seen a lot claim to have trust issues, lol. Now they know how we feel."

When it comes to sex, women are still punished for sleeping with multiple sexual partners in the form of slut-shaming. The idea that men would even taken aback by the activity of a women's sex life highlights an age-old sexist belief.

In a piece for the Huffington Post, the author of "I Am Not a Slut: Slut-Shaming in the Age of the Internet" detailed the double standard society places on women who are promiscuous.

"Slut-shaming is the experience of being labeled a sexually out-of-control girl or woman (a 'slut' or 'ho') and then being punished socially for possessing this identity. Slut-shaming is sexist because only girls and women are called to task for their sexuality, whether real or imagined; boys and men are congratulated for the exact same behavior. This is the essence of the sexual double standard: Boys will be boys, and girls will be sluts."

She continued.

"As we’ve seen, slut-shaming is not really about women’s sexuality. It is grounded in the belief that men get to assert themselves, and women do not. It may be getting a lot of attention these days, but slut-shaming is really just a catchy way to signify old-fashioned sexism."

This is something model and activist Amber Rose has previously addressed in her annual SlutWalk, a campaign that aims to empower women and tackle sexist stereotypes about women and their sex lives. Rose, who has been the target of slut-shaming before, expressed her concern for women who suffer shame for expressing their sexuality.

Olonisakin echoed that sentiment, telling ATTN: that she wants women to know "that your hoeness, doesn't define you and not to be scared to live a little."