Fox News Just Weighed in on the Bathroom Bill Debate

April 25th 2016

Alex Mierjeski

On Sunday, "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace described controversial laws, which aim to segregate bathrooms and locker rooms according to biological sex, as solutions for non-existent problems.

Citing a survey by the fact-checking group Politifact, Wallace said that even politically biased groups came up short when trying to cite instances of aggression or abuse in bathrooms by people using transgender protections as cover.

"This seems to be a solution in search of a problem," Wallace said.

Politifact trawled through cases nationwide looking for a person convicted of committing a sex crime in the opposite gender's bathroom or locker room in a state where transgender bathroom preference protections exist. They concluded:

"We couldn’t find any in the United States, and conservative groups also couldn’t point to any. There have been a few recent allegations, and we gave some weight to those, but people in America are considered innocent until proven guilty. We also found one case of a Canadian who took advantage of transgender-friendly rules in Toronto to commit rape and has been convicted, facing life in prison.

So-called bathroom bills have been launched onto the national debate stage recently, as two states — Mississippi and North Carolina — passed sweeping legislation limiting LGBT rights. Several other states are considering similar bills, many of which are described as enshrining religious liberty protections — not discriminating against LGBT people.

"We have not taken away any rights that have currently existed in any city in North Carolina," Gov. Pat McCrory said recently.

"We rated that claim False," Politifact found. Watch the video below: