This Mom Gave Kendall Jenner's Calvin Klein Ad the Makeover It Needed

April 25th 2016

Laura Donovan

A Texas mother is receiving ample praise on social media for recreating Kendall Jenner's Calvin Klein underwear ad using photos of her own stretch marks.

The mom's images reveal the stretch marks that she got after having a baby, making a strong statement about accepting one's body regardless of physical "imperfections."


A photo posted by Brenda DeRouen (@_ohbrenda_) on


A photo posted by Brenda DeRouen (@_ohbrenda_) on

Brenda DeRouen, a blogger and mother in Texas, wrote on her blog that she did the photo shoot with photographer Deun Ivory to "celebrate the end of [her] body insecurities."

Deun Ivory and Brenda DeRouen

DeRouen told ATTN: via email that she thinks Jenner's Calvin Klein ad is "beautiful" but would like to see Calvin Klein celebrate more types of women in its campaigns:

"[Underwear ads] do not represent real people. I wore Calvin Klein because to me, the brand represents comfort, class, and a hint of sexy. The underwear made me feel comfortable and free. Plus, it’s trendy. I thought it was time to give the look a different narrative with darker skin and a not so perfect body. I hope Mr. Klein would make more women like me the face (and body) of his brand. To show the industry there is beauty in imperfection."

After having a child in her late teens, DeRouen became very ashamed of the stretch marks that resulted from her pregnancy. She detailed this shame on her blog:

"I turned away when dressing in front of others, and wouldn’t chance doing the dirty with the lights on. At one point, I researched creams, lotions, and pomades (none of them worked) and surgeries and laser removal treatments (I would never purposely go under a knife), and then I just decided to 'tighten my skin up' by working out. I managed to get a 4 out of 6 pack, but no matter how hard I tried, the skin stayed saggy and the stretch marks would not go away. For years I dealt with not loving myself. I was self-conscious in relationships and I hated my body."


A photo posted by deun ivory. (@deunivory) on

DeRouen reiterated on Instagram, however, that she now embraces her body in spite of its changes.

"Hello body, I haven’t appreciated you much lately," she wrote in one of her Instagram photos of the photo shoot. "I haven’t acknowledged your beauty and your marvelous wonder. I am proud of you. For all that you have endured. For all that you have overcome, and for continuing to keep me strong & alive. I love you. And just like any other body you are worthy of appreciation, flaws and all."

She made a similar statement to ATTN: via email, adding that she wants new moms to embrace the fact that they have helped "bring forth the greatest gift ever."

"I want people to start embracing their imperfections and know that there is no such thing as a perfect body. Our bodies were never meant to be perfect. I want the media, fashion industries, and Hollywood to start embracing REAL bodies. I want people to stop shaming women for giving birth to a human life. Our bodies are not just sex symbols for men to desire, but real life art. Every scar and imperfection has a story that makes us unique. Embrace it and show it the love and attention that it requires. Never let anyone make you feel like your body is not worthy of appreciation."


A photo posted by Brenda DeRouen (@_ohbrenda_) on

On her blog, she asked readers to love their own bodies, whether they have stretch marks or other physical features they dislike:

"You may not have stretch marks from pregnancy, hell; you may not have stretch marks at all. But I guarantee you there is something that you are struggling with. Whether it’s your weight, your hair, or your breast size. Just know that there is no such thing as a perfect body. Most pictures that you see nowadays are photo-shopped and edited [anyway]. You are beautiful. Every scar and every imperfection, has a story that makes you uniquely you. Your body is your temple. Embrace it and show it the love and attention that it needs. Never let anyone make you feel like your body is not worthy of appreciation."

Many have shown tremendous support for her stretch mark appreciation photos on Instagram:

Instagram comments

Instagram comments

"I didn't expect my photo to get a much attention as it did," DeRouen told ATTN:. "Even [the hip hop artist] Plies reposted my photo. I thought that was epic because if you watch music videos they usually have flawless women in them and for him to acknowledge me and women like me just meant so much."

"The responses have been so empowering," DeRouen continued. "So many women have stood up for me. I receive hundreds of emails daily with stories about women who have and are struggling to accept themselves. Many women say my article on my blog has really helped them overcome their own body insecurities. They even send me images of themselves owning their bodies, flaws and all. And that's what its about empowering women and letting them know that they are not alone."

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