The Backlash Against Chrissy Teigen Exposes This Sexist Double Standard Faced by New Moms

April 25th 2016

Danielle DeCourcey

Internet trolls decided model Chrissy Teigen is a bad mom for doing something we all do: go out to eat. But the intense criticism the new mom is facing for having a night out on the town with husband John Legend isn't just unfair, it also exposes a double standard faced by many moms.

Teigen went out to dinner with her Legend 10 days after their daughter Luna was born. People on Instagram criticized Teigen for, as they saw, neglecting her child.

Teigen shot back by joking that she "can't find" her baby when a Twitter follower asked about little Luna.

However plenty of Twitter followers also came to her defense. Many commented on the constant judgment new mothers face.

Teigen's husband Legend received relatively little backlash for the supposedly scandalous dinner. Most of the comments under a picture he posted of their baby Luna were of congratulations and good wishes.

John Legend

Conversely, men often are often pressured to not stay home with their newborn children. In 2014, for example, Mets player David Murphy was mocked by sports talk radio hosts for choosing to stay home with his wife and son, rather than immediately returning to the playing field. Mike Francesa, a local radio host, called Murphy's 10-day paternity leave a "scam" and a "gimmick." 

There is no hard and fast rule on when it's ok to leave a newborn at home with a babysitter of family member. However pediatrician Dr. Ari Brown from the American Academy of Pediatrics told CNN that parents shouldn't take newborns out to crowded places. If a newborn gets a fever under six weeks old, they would have to go to a hospital. "A fever in a baby less than six weeks old is an automatic ticket for a two-day hospital stay," he said. "Your kid's going to get a spinal tap, blood drawn, and catheterized for urine."

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