How To Respond to Haters of the All-Female Ghostbusters

January 30th 2015

Ashley Nicole Black

There's going to be a new Ghostbusters movie! Yay! It's starting four women! Double yay! Kristen Wiig! Melissa McCarthy! Kate McKinnon! Leslie Jones! Quadruple yay!

Cue the whining from the man-babies of the internet. Quelle surprise, the menz are mad. 
Tons of people have taken to Twitter, Facebook, and all the other digital bridges under which trolls lurk, to whine about the casting of this "terrible" movie. That's right, this movie, which hasn't yet been filmed, and maybe hasn't even been written yet, is "terrible". Simply because, so far the only thing we know about it, is that it has women in it.  
Women account for less than a third of all speaking roles in films. To put that number into perspective, its only gone up by 5% since the 1940s. 
Women are 52% of the movie ticket buying audience, and yet, only see themselves represented on the screen a third of time. It just makes good economic sense to make more movies that to appeal to the majority of customers. And its not like men can't enjoy movies with female leads, just like women enjoy movies with male leads all the time. 
But most movies are about men. So when a big studio finally makes ONE movie with female leads, why are some men complaining? YOU GET 70 PERCENT OF THE MOVIES. SHUT UP AND LET US HAVE OUR FREAKING THIRTY. If you hate seeing women be women onscreen, just don't buy a ticket. The ladies will go to the theater alone, share bonbons, take off our tops and have a giant ghost busting pillow fight. All-girl screenings of Ghostbusters sound awesome, please feel free not to buy a ticket and let us have our fun.
But let's be realistic. No one actually thinks these women aren't funny. All of these women have been in incredibly successful films and television shows, so obviously they're funny. People aren't mad because they think the cast isn't funny, they're mad because there's four of them. 
No one complains about all the comedies that star three hairy guys and one of them has a hot sidekick of a wife or girlfriend. No one complains about romantic comedies where a man and a woman share equal screen time and then fall in love. Everyone is OK with women being funny as long as they keep their focus on catching and pleasing men. 
The real fear about the Ghostbusters movie is four women, doing something awesome (busting ghosts), without having men as their focus. There's a chance that the movie won't have a love story at all!
Just kidding, come on, its Hollywood, I'd be willing to put good money down now that McCarthy's weight, or Jones' height, is made a punchline in a scene where she flirts with a man. 
People have a problem with this movie because none of these women came to fame by doing romantic comedies. They are all bona fide comedians in their own right. A silly movie starring four women (three of whom are over the age of 40), that doesn't have as its main point the pursuit of men, is actually a really big positive step forward for Hollywood. 
You can tell, because people are really angry about it.