This Disgusting Ad on Trans Bathrooms from Ted Cruz Deserves Your Outrage

April 22nd 2016

Almie Rose

Donald Trump, who normally conducts himself with all the logic and sensitivity of Regina George from "Mean Girls," surprised both the Republican and Democratic party when he voiced his opinion that North Carolina's "bathroom bills" are too extreme. "Leave it the way it is," Trump said, when asked about HB2 on the "Today" show. "People go. They use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate."

Ted Cruz decided to insert himself into the discussion when he released a new campaign ad that manages to attack both Donald Trump and the trans community.

Playing on Trump's quote about North Carolina's bathroom law, the ad is titled "Appropriate" and spoiler alert: Cruz does not think any of this is appropriate.

The Republican presidential candidate seems especially obsessed with the idea that trans women are perhaps hiding in restrooms waiting to attack unsuspecting young girls.

But really, all trans people want to do in the bathroom is the same as non trans people: they just want to pee.

#WeJustNeedToPee is a trending hashtag that began after the bill was announced.

After showing the silent, black-and-white footage, Cruz uses Trump's soundbite against him:

And then comes to this befuddling conclusion:

Which is notable because this may be the first time in history that anyone has ever accused Donald Trump of being PC.

Ted Cruz himself does not appear in the ad in any form.

America seems to be obsessed with transgender bathroom panic. Target's announcement that their new policy is to let transgender employees use whichever bathroom matches their gender identity has lead to boycotts against the retail chain. The panic seems to stem from Cruz's belief that transgender women are merely "grown men pretending to be women," and as such, are endangering your "wives and daughters" when they use the same bathroom.

But not only has this never happened, but trans people are more likely the ones who are in danger, considering that "roughly 70% of trans people have reported being denied entrance, assaulted or harassed while trying to use a restroom" according to a 2013 Williams Institute report (via Mic).

You can watch the full ad below.