These Never Get Old: Nancy Grace Gets Destroyed on Marijuana (Again)

January 28th 2015

ATTN: Staff

Nancy Grace is still on the marijuana beat, drudging up another supposed marijuana horror story last night to support her argument that recreational marijuana shouldn't be legal.

To be fair, the story featured by Grace is pretty horrifying -- a Colorado husband murdered his wife in front of their son. The police said that THC, a chemical in marijuana, was in the husband's system at the time of the killing. In the video, Grace can't move fast enough to conclude that the THC obviously pushed the husband to murder. There's a beautiful moment, though, when Dr. Drew Pinsky, one of Grace's guests, completely undermines Grace's reefer madness narrative when he reasonably suggests that the husband was suffering from withdrawal from prescription drugs. (Some empty pill bottles were found at the scene.) Check out the video:

What's amazing about this argument is that it shows the best way to anger a cable news host is not to argue with them over, say, whether marijuana should be legalized or not. No, what frustrates cable news talking heads more than anything is when a guest exposes their agenda, as Dr. Drew did to Nancy Grace last night.

Grace's narrative on marijuana is obvious. She has a long history of ignoring the evidence supporting legalized marijuana. Despite it being proven repeatedly that marijuana is safer and less violent than alcohol and other currently legal substances, Grace has continuously propagated fear and misinformation about the dangers of pot.

Here's our mixtape of some of the best moments of Grace's reefer madness:


"The reason I am against the legalization of pot is because I've seen people on pot that shoot each other, that stab each other, that strangle each other, drive under the influence, kill families," she once said. 

However, according to University of Texas criminologist Robert Morris, "evidence points toward reductions in violent behavior for those who smoke marijuana."

Rapper 2 Chainz gets it. He and Grace had a wonderful exchange a few weeks ago where the rapper tried to explain all of this to the Grace:

If you'd like some facts to help argue with the Nancy Grace's in your life, check out and share our video on marijuana safety: