This Guy Learned the Hard Way That Sending Unsolicited Nudes Can Backfire Miserably

April 20th 2016

Laura Donovan

Sending unwanted dick pics is never appropriate, but its even more risky when your target has a large Twitter following.

A random Snapchat user named Geoffrey learned this the hard way.

Earlier this month, pop singer Kitty Pryde fell victim to an iCloud hack which resulted in her nude photos being posted online. In the aftermath, a stranger named Geoffrey apparently made things even worse by sending Pryde a picture of his penis.

@kittaveli Twitter

Through a series of tweets, Pryde showed how she took the power back from someone who tried to capitalize on her vulnerability.

Here's what happened immediately after Geoffrey sent the dick pic.

@kittaveli Twitter

Geoffrey asked Pryde for her exact bra size, but seemed to freeze up when she asked for his last name.

Pryde pointed out the irony of the Mr. Dick Pic trying to maintain his privacy.

@kittaveli Twitter

It only got worse for Geoffrey.

Pryde discovered his phone number and social media profiles online. This prompted her to text him and threaten to send his unsolicited dick pic out to his friends.

Geoffrey got desperate.

Geoffrey apologized for his mistake and asked what he could do to stop her from going public with his photos. In response, she asked him to record a video apology (with a fake mustache drawn on his face). According to Distractify, Geoffrey went on to tweet that he learned his lesson.

Pryde tweeted that it's uncool to send unsolicited dick pics to strangers and clarified that she was never going to publicize the Geoffrey's photos. She was merely trying to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Women are fighting back against unwanted dick pics.

Los Angeles artist Whitney Bell recently held an art show titled "I Didn't Ask For This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics" to highlight the large number of dick pics that she and other women have received, without asking.


A photo posted by whitney bell (@kidd.bell) on


A photo posted by whitney bell (@kidd.bell) on

Model Emily Sears and DJ Laura Lux also recently made headlines for their own approach to unsolicited nude photos. The two women told ATTN: earlier this year that they contact the girlfriends and wives of men who send them unsolicited dick pics to confront the larger issue.

[h/t Distractify]

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