This Bar Posted a Rescue Plan for Women on Bad Tinder Dates

April 20th 2016

Almie Rose

If you've ever been on a bad Tinder date — like the ones where you realize you have nothing to talk about, or that your companion looks nothing like his or her photo — you know that things can get uncomfortable pretty quickly.

And if you're a woman, that discomfort can mean feeling unsafe. That's why a local bar in England came up with this clever solution.

That's a sign posted in the bathroom of the Brickyard bar in St Albans in Hertfordshire, England proclaiming:

"Tinder Date Gone Wrong? Doesn't look like his picture, or just plain weird? If you're on a date and it's not going well, come to the bar and ask for Rachelle or Jennifer and we'll get you out of it and / or get you a taxi. Your safety and happiness is our highest priority. If anyone is bothering you or making you feel uncomfortable, please tell us. We will discreetly move them away, and if necessary ask them to leave. The Brickyard is safe and fun. We want you to enjoy your time here. Talk to us and we'll sort it out :)"

We're all familiar with the movie/TV trope where a woman is on a bad date and texts her friend to call her with a fake emergency scenario that gives her an out. This is like that with the added bonuses of not having to involve your friends and also having IRL support.

The photo of the sign has been going viral, much to the surprise of the bar's staff. "A sign that was designed purely for the safety of our female customers has caught the eyes of thousands (all genders!) and you have all touched our hearts with your support, so thank you for this," they told British newspaper Metro. And they're just getting started. "In all honesty, we had no idea our sign would attract this level of attention, but in light of the extent of the feedback received we have plans in place already to launch a similar safety campaign for men."

Which is a good idea, because men can of course experience bad dates, too. 

[H/T Distractify