Gay Couple Gets Homophobic Response to Wedding Invite

April 18th 2016

Almie Rose

A couple, who has been together for nine years, is throwing a dream wedding and getting a nightmare of a response. When Keith and Chad of Canton, Ohio sent their wedding invitations, they got one hate-filled letter as a reply from an anonymous party.

The letter declares that Keith and Chad sent their invitation to "the wrong people," and that their invitation was forwarded to "an anti gay group" that will show up to protest their wedding. Why? To quote the letter:

"It's not normal for 2 men to marry.

"What is wrong with you? It's a sin!!!!

"Some of your friends are only coming to your so called wedding to help in the protest. Like it or not, this is going to happen. This day is going to be ruined for you. This is going to be a fun show to watch. You both are going to get what you deserve. SEE YOU AT THE ANTI-GAY SHOW!!"

Yes, despite the fact that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage in a landmark decision in June 2015, blatant homophobia is sadly alive and well.

Rest assured, not everyone is buying tickets to the "anti-gay show."




The couple have absolutely no plans to cancel, reschedule or change the venue hosting their wedding, with Keith telling Cleveland 19 News, "[that] never even crossed my mind — I never even thought about canceling and quite frankly, other than our initial shock of the letter this made us both want to do it more."

"This letter we received yesterday is more of a reason to move forward with it," Chad added. "Love will win in the end, that's what it comes down to."

Because the letter had no return address or signature, the couple is trying to deduce who on their guest list is capable of doing this, which is not typically what an engaged couple has to deal with when chasing down RSVPs.

But there is hope that the world isn't such a terrible place after all: A local church is hosting a "card shower" for Keith and Chad.

New Vision United Church of Christ in Canton is accepting letters and cards of support and congratulations for the couple.

[h/t Distractify]