Bernie Sanders Just Released His Tax Returns

April 16th 2016

Danielle DeCourcey

Bernie Sanders is not exactly making it rain with his income compared to Hillary Clinton. 

He just released his 2014 tax returns, and they show that that the senator and his wife made a little more than $200,000. On the other hand, his opponent for the Democratic nomination, Clinton, and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, earned nearly $28 million in 2014, paying nearly $10 million in taxes. 


Sanders’ total net worth is estimated at $436,000, according to a 2014 analysis from the Center for Responsive Politics. That report found Sanders to be wealthier than only 19 of his 99 colleagues in the U.S. Senate. Sanders paid about $28,000 in federal taxes in 2014.

Many have pointed out that Clinton made more in one 2013 speech at Goldman Sachs than Sanders’ total 2014 income. Clinton made $10.5 million total in paid speaking fees in 2014. 

Her Goldman Sachs speeches and Sanders' tax returns were a hot topic at last night’s debate in New York. After Clinton was asked about her refusal to release the transcripts of her remarks at Goldman Sachs, Clinton pointed out that Sanders had not yet released his tax returns even though Clinton released her returns in July of last year. Sanders responded with a promise to release the returns — a promise he fulfilled on Friday.

You can read Sanders’ full returns here.

You can read Clinton’s full returns here.

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