Hysterical Illustrations That Show Pregnancy for What It Really Is

April 18th 2016

Laura Donovan

A graphic designer's illustrations depict the highs and lows of pregnancy, a humorous contrast to some of the picture perfect pregnancy photo shoots often flooding social media these days.

Marie-Charlotte Yao, a graphic designer, illustrator and expecting mother based in France, created the images to expose the raw experiences of pregnancy. The illustrations reveal the fun parts of pregnancy — spending hours on Pinterest and eating on the floor whenever one feels like it — as well as the hard times. The artist shows what it's like for a pregnant woman to get emotional over a sitcom and have cravings over pregnancy no-no foods.

Marie-Charlotte Yao

Yao told ATTN: via email that she started the project when she was three months pregnant because she felt "too sick to do anything."

"[I was literally] sleeping 17 [hours] a day and couldn't eat a thing so I started when my pregnancy started to show a bit," she told ATTN:, adding that the illustrations have become a form of therapy for her. "[W]hen I'm really pissed off at something I'll draw it and then it just makes me laugh. So, like the pregnancy-road, there are ups and down in my illustrations. But in the end it's a big UP."

The illustration below highlights the small victory of climbing stairs, as pregnancy can be hard on the body and tiring.

Marie-Charlotte Yao

She acknowledged that while many people only talk about the positive parts of pregnancy on social media, there are many online forums and groups where people discuss the less pleasant aspects of pregnancy.

Pregnancy illustrations from MACHA.ME

"It's pretty awesome, the community there, and such a big help," she told ATTN:. "Also a big reassurance. No, we're not alone. Yes, I have fat on my hips but it's OK."

Margaret-Marie Yao

Yao told ATTN: that she has been "amazed" by the positive response to her illustrations on social media.

"I mean, at first I did the project for myself, my future daughter and it was fun to show to my friends and my family, but that's it," she told ATTN:. Yao said it was cool to see the story translated in multiple languages and placed on several news sites.

"What is really cool is to see the reactions! Mainly people tags their friends who are pregnant and a lot of pregnant ladies react saying 'I can totally relate with this one or that one,' I never thought it could have that much impact. I'm really happy I can make so many people smile and feel [comfort]."

Margaret-Marie Yao You can check out all of Yao's illustrations on her website, Instagram page, and Facebook page.