This NASA Facebook Manager Shut down Climate Deniers

April 15th 2016

Kyle Jaeger

The person who runs NASA's Climate Change Facebook page is cracking down on climate deniers.

After famed science guy Bill Nye shared a link to the page this week, a deluge of skeptical comments appeared, challenging the idea that rising global temperatures are connected to human activity. The page manager wasn't having it.


A disclaimer on the Facebook page reads, "[w]e invite you to comment on our page, but we ask that you be courteous and cite credible sources when sharing information." Climate deniers didn't quite adhere to that guideline, however, and the page manager didn't hold back, calling out users who commented and failed to substantiate their arguments against climate change.

For context, the article Nye shared was about his bet with a notorious climate denier, Marc Morano. Nye bet Morano $20,000 that 2016 would rank among the top 10 hottest years on record and that this decade would be the hottest ever. Morano turned down the bet and told DeSmog that it would've been "silly" to take the bet, as it was "obvious" that official records would support Nye's prediction.

How the Facebook manager for NASA Climate Change responded to climate deniers.


When a user suggested that NASA had discovered a connection between fossil fuels and cooling patterns in the Earth's climate, the page manager shut the argument down, writing, "[d]o not misrepresent NASA. Fossil fuels are not cooling the planet."


Another user attempted to argue that "climate change is all part of a cycle" argument, but NASA Climate Change asserted definitively "[i]t's not going to get cold again."


This user accused NASA of fudging data on climate change.


Not so, said NASA Climate Change.


And finally, when this person tried to qualify climate change by saying that the debate shouldn't be about if Earth was warming but why it was happening, the page manager weighed in with information on climate matters among planets in our solar system.

Checkmate, climate deniers.

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