This Woman's Rant on Bras Available for Busty Women Is Going Viral

April 14th 2016

Danielle DeCourcey

Boobs come in all sizes so bras should, too. A New Zealand woman took the fight for better plus-size bras to the internet with a video of herself shopping.

Chardé Heremaia goes to the bra section in Kmart and she can't find any bras in her size. The rant that follows is an amazing call for inclusion and better beauty standards.

“I’ve come to find some new bras ok, cause I’m a double F, and I’m plagued with big boobs," she says.

Heremaia holds up a plain white bra that's the closest to her actual size. “The closest thing I can find to what I fit [is] an F though and it is fucking ugly.”

She moves to the section with smaller bra sizes and finds more attractive bras, but these bras are not made in her size.

“I’m so offended that Kmart and other places feel that they have to give big-titty girls granny bras, alright,” she says.

Heremaia makes it clear that she is not a granny and she's tired of ugly bras.

"Some of us young ones, we like to be a little bit of a saucy minx every now and again. OK. I’ve had it up to fucking here."

She finishes by calling for bra companies to "sort their shit out" and make her some presentable bras she can wear on "saucy minx" days.

“I want some pretty ones that don’t cost hundreds and thousands of dollars, OK.”

Heremaia finished with another important point. Not only do major retailers have a shortage of plus-size bras but they also can cost more. Victoria's Secret was called out last year of charging more for bigger bras. The company was charging $4 more for Double D and Triple D bras than for sizes A to D.

Victoria Secret

There was also a petition in 2014 that received more than 95,000 signatures to stop Old Navy from inflating their prices for plus-size women's clothing.

Availability and price differences may not be the only reasons it's hard for women to find low-cost, plus-size bras. Linda Becker, a bra expert told ABC News that the bra industry changed the standard bra sizing about 10 years ago.

"[They] vanity sized it," she said. "They wanted you to think your back was smaller and your breasts were bigger." This made someone who was a 36D now a 32G.

You can watch the full video of Heremaia's rant below.

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