The She-Shed Is Challenging the Man Cave in the Best Way

April 16th 2016

Almie Rose

It's well-known by now that a man cave is a space dedicated to a man's interests and hobbies where he can go to relax.

But women have their own version of the man cave: the she-shed. Virginia Woolf wrote about the importance of women having their own space for creative freedom in 1929's "A Room of One's Own," which was a particularly novel idea at the time because, Woolf wrote, "to have a room of her own, let alone a quiet room or a sound-proof room, was out of the question, unless her parents were exceptionally rich or very noble."

Even if you're not a writer, it's still a good idea to carve out a space of your own, if you can. Having an entire she-shed may not be practical for everyone (because, reality), but here are some photos of great she-sheds to inspire you.

1. Paint everything white, and use flowers as accents.

2. Paint it white and cram it full of books.


Totally in love with this she shed! #sheshed

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3. Paint it white. But also, blue.

4. Large chandeliers are a great accent against white.

5. Don't paint it white.

6. Seriously, you don't have to paint it white.

7. But also, paint it white.

8. Make it an art studio — after you paint it white.

9. A tree branch mounted to the wall really breaks up all the white.

10. And hardwood flooring also looks great with white.


My friend Diane just did her she shed... Very cute~ #sheshed

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11. If your walls are mostly glass, there's less to paint white.


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12. But then again, you'd be missing out on white.

13. You can also use white as an accent, and just for the interior.


I ❤️ my sh-office #sheshed #studio #gardenoffice

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14. Stick it in a tree.


🌿 #sheshed #tinyhouse #boho #bohemian #fashion #fashionista

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15. A festive light fixture will add whimsy to white ceilings and walls.

16. A photo collage on clothespins looks good against a white background.


This is where you go when you're ready for some peace and quiet....#sheshed!!!!! Yep, it's a #shed.

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17. Think about using recycled materials. These nonwhite vinyl records make up the roof!

18. And contrasting an unfinished look with a polished look is the perfect recipe for shabby chic.

19. But you could also just make everything white.

20. Wine cooler.

[H/T Bored Panda]