Rihanna Just Changed the Life of a Fan Afraid to Come out of the Closet

April 13th 2016

Thor Benson

Rihanna took her altruism to another level. According to a Buzzfeed report, Rihanna has allegedly been helping a fan come out of the closet for the past month. He reportedly reached out to her when he was feeling afraid to tell his friends and family that he's gay, and Rihanna responded by encouraging him to be himself and tell them the truth.

rihanna fan

Rihanna, who is easily one of the busiest entertainers in the world, didn't let the conversation stop after the first interaction, the fan explained to BuzzFeed. The star continued communicating with the fan as he updated her on how coming out to friends and family was going.

rihanna fan

One of the things the fan, who is remaining anonymous, explains is that it's even harder for him because he's a gay Black man. Being gay can be hard enough, but being Black and gay can present even more struggles, as Fusion explains.

Director Lee Daniels recently addressed the difficulty of coming out in the Black community in the hit television show "Empire."

“Homophobia is rampant in the African American community, and men are on the DL,” Daniels said, according to The Daily Beast. “They don’t come out, because your priest says, your pastor says, mama says, your next-door neighbor says, your homie says, your brother says, your boss says [that homosexuality is wrong]. And they are killing African American women. They are killing our women. So I wanted to blow the lid off more on homophobia in my community.” 

Last year, the "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett (who plays a gay character Jamal Lyon) also confirmed that he is gay, and he explained to Ellen why it is so important to him.

This conversation was also brought up at length in a piece for the Advocate, in a piece titled "Why Can't We Talk About Homophobia in the Black Community?"

"The center of the black community is the black church, and that changes everything," writer Larry Duplechan, who wrote the novel "Blackbird" told the Advocate. "So coming out in the black community is like trying to come out as an Orthodox Jew. You’ll lose your family. You’ll lose your culture. You’ll lose your community, because usually, you are ejected. Even now, that’s true."

It appears, however, that Rihanna gave this man the courage he needed to come out, which he says may not have happened otherwise.

rihanna fan

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