Health's Newest Ad Just Insulted Everyone with Human Skin

April 12th 2016

Danielle DeCourcey

The dating site tried to send a positive message about embracing imperfections, instead they ended up offending a whole bunch of freckled people.

The poster, which was plastered along the walls of London's subway system on Monday, prominently features a freckled face and the caption "If you don't love your imperfections, someone else will," along with the hashtag #loveyourimperfections.

The ad sparked outrage among our freckled friends, many of whom bristled at the notion that there is something especially "imperfect" about the way they look.

Before being pulled by due to the backlash, the ads inspired by some creative responses. has other well-meaning ads on its U.K. website about embracing imperfections ...

Love Your Imperfections

...but the freckles campaign clearly didn't go as planned.


As ATTN: reported back in November, freckled folks have a powerful ally in UFC fighter Holly Holm, who told HuffPost Live that she paid no mind to people who bullied her over her freckles.

Holly Holm responds to bullies

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