Amazing Nude Portraits of Trans Men Reveal What Happens Between 'Before' and 'After'

April 11th 2016

Laura Donovan

A new photo project is shedding light on the diversity transgender men's bodies, and challenging the notion of what it means to be "trans enough."

Maxwell Hunter, a 23-year-old trans artist based in England, recently posted a drawing of ten trans men on Facebook, which depict them through the various stages of transition.

The images, which Hunter solicited through trans Facebook groups before placing them in a graphics tablet, shows a broad range of trans men. Some of the men still have breasts and don't have fully developed penises yet, while others appear to have fully transitioned. The artwork is intended to challenge the notion that some people might not be "trans enough" during certain periods of the transition process.


Another trans related project. Trans men and their bodies, showing that regardless of size, shape, race, surgery or...

Posted by Maxwell Hunter- Artist on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Though the drawing disappeared from Facebook several days after it was posted, however BuzzFeed News reported that Facebook claimed the removal was a mistake and swiftly restored the post. ATTN: has reached out to Hunter about his artwork and will update this story if he responds.

"[This project is about] trans men and their bodies, showing that regardless of size, shape, race, surgery or hormones, these guys are all 'trans enough' and deserve to have their identities respected," Hunter wrote. "Thank you so much to the people who took part and who offered to take part."

The image got a love of love on Facebook:

“I wanted to give visibility to guys who would otherwise wouldn’t have this opportunity,” Hunter told BuzzFeed News. “The guys are all different body types, so other guys could see that wherever they are in their transition, their identities are valid.”

He added that he has "nothing against" the trans men who read as more masculine to the rest of the world, but that his hope is to "give everybody the chance to tell their story and to talk about their transition.”

Hunter has made a photo project about trans men before.


A project I have been working on."This is what Trans looks like".Portraits of trans men in various stages of their...

Posted by Maxwell Hunter- Artist on Saturday, November 21, 2015

"[These are] portraits of trans men in various stages of their journey, showing that there is no certain look or requirement to being 'trans enough' and that they all deserve respect equally for their gender identity," Hunter wrote on Facebook last year. "Thanks to all the guys who volunteered for the project."

Read the full BuzzFeed News story here.

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