Famous Landmarks That Got Scathing Yelp Reviews

April 10th 2016

Almie Rose

Americans aren't known for being shy. If there's something that displeases us, we'll make it known. God bless America, and God bless Yelp, for giving us the perfect outlet to vent our frustrations over not only average pizza and luxury hotels, but well known historical landmarks, as well.

As President Barack Obama noted in a 2009 speech in Strasbourg, France, "there have been times where America's shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive," in regard to the rest of the world.

And considering the fact that the average vacation costs $1,600, it's no surprise that American's can be a little salty when evaluating highly touted locales.

With that in mind, here are the opinions of some entitled Americans reviewing famous places and things at home and abroad.

The Louvre Museum in Paris, France

"I haaaaaaaate this place. Hate it hate it hate it.[...] I told my friend 'let's get Mona Lisa over with.' She kinda looked confused. So we start the schlep there and then we got there. And she 'got it'. The Mona Lisa viewing area is reminiscent of the paparazzi when they get wind of a Justin Bieber sighting. It's obnoxious, it's kind of dangerous, and it gets ugly fast. People shove and push, hold up their cameras to take pics/selfies with the painting. Nobody will move so others can get close. It's miserable. We came, we saw, we exited that area. [...] There are much better museums in the city." — Reese C., 1 star

"There is NO order in the entire museum, everyone just walks around willy nily [sic] and famous pieces do not have a viewing protocol like we do here in USA. I've seen the Declaration of Independce [sic] several times and its always a smooth experience." — Anna R., 1 star

"Your wifi is a joke. There is no wifi. I tried for 4 hours, along with every other tourist." — Sara S., 1 star

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

"I just don't understand why they won't build a road, aerial tramway, elevator, or SOMETHING that gives easier access to the canyon's depths." — Jon W., 1 star

"[...] as amazing as the views are it is really kind of boring. Every 500 ft a new vantage point of the same thing: a really big hole in the ground." — Brad M., 2 stars

"Do not hover about the Canyon whilst drunk. You will fall over the edge and you will die." — Tony U., 3 stars

The Great Wall of China

(Note: There is no Yelp page for The Great Wall of China, so these are from Google Reviews)

"It's not a great wall. more of an alright wall. They should rename it the Alright Wall of China" — Jenn Tharp, 1 star

"Too steep and so munch walking around." — Wade O'Neal, 1 star

"why is there opening times. its a wall!!!" — andy crawford, 1 star

Statue of Liberty, New York, New York

"Two thumbs down. This is the worst freedom monument I have experienced." — Jackson S., 1 star

"A completely, utterly horrifying experience. One that I couldn't recommend even to my enemies." — Simon S., 1 star (admittedly, Simon. S is not an American, but this was too good to omit.)

"As a proud American I wanted to love this, but was grossly underwhelmed." — Nicholas H., 2 stars

Torre di Pisa (Leaning Tower of Pisa), Pisa, Italy

"For our long drive and some hassle with parking, we were rewarded with: (1) the confirmation that yes, the tower is leaning and (2) a photograph of us standing in front of it." — Geoff D., 2 stars

"Ehh, it was ok I guess. It was cool to see...not much more I can say about the Tower of Pisa. My buddy and I got here near sundown and took our pictures which took about 5 minutes. Then we went and grabbed some dinner nearby in town. We decided to spend the night in Pisa and head to Venice in the morning. However, after visiting every single hotel in town, none took Debit or CC." — Justin B., 2 stars

London Eye, London

"This was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over-rated! It was expensive and just gave you views of the city you've already seen. Pictures? Forget it! Every single picture you take comes out with someone's reflection in it." — Leslie B., 1 star

"Almost 30 mins for a full rotation?!?! Midway up I wanted to get the hell outta there. The capsule was soooo hot and kids yelling and screaming...ain't nobody got time for that!!!" — Jorge Z., 1 star

"BOO for being closed when I was in London!" — Tom J., 2 stars

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

"Once I got on the bridge on the pedestrian side, we kept running into bikers. What happened to the biker's side? Where was the enforcer? Do police not exist any more in this city? One female biker charged toward us and politely screamed 'FUCK OFF.'" — Jeff K., 1 star

"Overrated, overpriced, very small and short!" — Y L., 1 star

"Went on the bridge, found it to be too windy, quite large and painted like a whore." — Jordan M., 1 star