Hilarious Cartoon Shows You How to Love Your Ugliness

April 8th 2016

Laura Donovan

A humorous animation from popular YouTube channel The School Of Life explains how you might not always feel beautiful and battle insecurities about your appearance, but that there are effective ways of coping with your feelings and embracing your own so-called flaws.

It's normal to worry about your looks because it's the first thing people see when they meet you, as the illustrated video explains. But as the narrator points out, there are hidden dating perks to one's physical imperfections.

"To deal with the challenges of our appearance, we need to develop a particular kind of wisdom," the narrator explains.

The first thing to remember is that it's not personal when people dislike our appearance:

"Personal appearance simply is one of the least democratic parts of life," the narrator says. "It's a lottery and you haven't won. It [has] nothing to do with you, nor is it to their credit that it is them. It just is."

Our appearance shortcomings can actually heighten our appreciation for the beauty of others.

A bald man, for example, might value a woman's long, flowing hair compared to a guy with a full head of locks. This, the narrator says, is something that beautiful people ought to think about when considering who to date.

People should be patient with their looks, the narrator says. No one ends up totally satisfied with their appearances, and the clip also shows a skinny guy ultimately gaining a lot of weight beside a heavier person. This shows that all people face body image challenges at some point and that figures do change.

"Rather than saying appearance doesn't matter, you can get better at noticing the less obvious but still real beauty in odder places," the narrator says. "The trouble with our culture isn't so much that we love appearances, but that we focus on too narrow a range of features and qualities. So, start to get interested in someone's august forehead. Note the melancholy sweetness of their eyes."

The video stresses the importance of finding beauty in all faces, even the ones that don't fit traditional or stereotypical beauty standards.

"There are so many good and attractive things we can see in people's faces if we're alert to different types of beauty, and hopefully someone somewhere will one day do the same for us," the narrator says.

You can watch the full video below:

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