People Have a Lot of Questions About This Mysterious Pin on Trump Staffers

April 4th 2016

Laura Donovan

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's staffers are sparking curiosity on social media for consistently sporting a mysterious half gold and half purple, upside-down triangle pin, which news site Vocativ investigated in a recent article and accompanying video.

Huffington Post reporter Eliot Nelson first drew attention to the pin in a March tweet featuring a photo of Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Nelson wrote that the Trump campaign did not confirm what the pin's purpose was, but that it appeared to be used for Secret Service identification needs. ATTN: has reached out to the Trump campaign regarding the pin and will update this story if there is a response.

Corey Lewandowski Twitter

Vocativ writer Jennings Brown, who traced the earliest instance of the pin's appearance to a December 2015 Trump event with Black pastors, acknowledged that the pin could be used to help the Secret Service identify Trump aides. This still left Brown wondering, however, why the Trump campaign would use a pin "reminiscent of triangle images associated with secret societies."

According to Vocativ, Trump's campaign refused to explain the meaning behind the pin.

With that, Vocativ decided to highlight the physical similarities between the pin and secret society the Illuminati and heraldic insignia. The publication also noted that purple and gold are often associated with wealth, which Trump, of course, attributes to himself.

David Graham, the editor of the International Society for Emblem Studies newsletter, told Vocativ that he couldn't explain this emblem's significance but that the use of a pink triangle brings to mind the Nazi's way of identifying homosexuals in the concentration camps.

“The use of a pink triangle badge by the Nazis to identify homosexuals, as one of several differently colored badges worn by prisoners in camps, is well known, of course, but that hardly seems likely to be the source of this pin," Graham said.

Though some have joked that the pin means Trump is part of the Illuminati, many people still suspect the pin is merely a Secret Service identifier:


Watch the entire Vocativ video below:

The Mysterious Pin The Trump Campaign Won’t Explain

The mysterious triangular lapel pin that the Donald J. Trump campaign declines to explain. http://voc.tv/14JQHoo

Posted by Vocativ on Friday, March 25, 2016


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