The Many Ways People Are Vandalizing Donald Trump's Hollywood Star

April 3rd 2016

Aron Macarow

It started when an anonymous person vandalized Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a swastika in January.

And then it happened again: another defacement, this time with a mute symbol. And again. And again.

The vandalism — with painted symbols, angry scribbles, dog poop and even human excrement — has reportedly become such a regular thing that the Hollywood Historic Trust is considering whether to remove The Donald's star altogether. It's simply too challenging for them to keep it clean.

A quick search on social media reveals a wealth of photos by people making a statement about the Republican presidential candidate using his Walk of Fame star. Some depict people making gestures, like giving it the finger or pretending to defecate on it. Some show more serious acts of vandalism, like a spray-painted swastika.


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One tweet captured a person urinating on Trump's star, which was granted to him in 2007 for being a "magnate, socialite, author, and television personality."

Why does Trump have a star in Hollywood anyway?

More offensive to many than the fact that Trump's star is being defaced is the discovery that he has a star on the Walk of Fame to begin with. In some cases, individuals are even calling for its removal:

Here's how someone gets a Hollywood star: Someone needs to nominate you to receive one. But, as the Los Angeles Times pointed out, the stars are bought and paid for by the party that does the nominating, such as a TV network or public relations firm. The stars carry a hefty price tag: $30,000 as of 2015. (In 2007, when Trump purchased his, they may have cost a mere $15,000.) So much for an honor.

At the time Trump got his Hollywood star, he was calling Rosie O'Donnell a "fat pig" in response to her public criticism of him concerning the Miss USA contest. Given everything that's happened during the 2016 election cycle, I guess we shouldn't be surprised.