These Anti-Tampons Want to Completely Redefine Period Sex

April 2nd 2016

Lucy Tiven

Period sex can be a divisive issue. The company Flex just delivered some good news to those shy about getting frisky on the rag—a disposable, disc-shaped, tampon alternative you can leave in during sex.


Flex claims to offer "a soft barrier to the cervix" that temporarily blocks period flow for up to 12 hours. The discs are doctor-approved, BPA-free, hypoallergenic, and don't cause toxic shock syndrome, according to a Tech Crunch report.

Why does this matter?

As ATTN: has previously reported, female sex drive spikes midway through the menstrual cycle. Orgasms also relieve menstrual cramps by releasing oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins in the brain.

Intercourse can even shorten your period, flushing out uterine lining and blood rapidly during orgasms. However, some couples remain hesitant to get it on when Aunt Flo comes to town. Period sex is often messy for both parties involved, and their bedding.

Flex is marketing to men, too.

The product also caters to men, reminding prospective customers that women feel particularly randy during their menstrual cycles. “We’ve built a product that allows couples to increase their opportunity to have sex by 23 percent. The great tragedy of people avoiding sex on their period is that this is really the time when women want it most," Flex CEO Lauren Schulte told Tech Crunch.

Though the company has yet to reveal the price Flex will be sold for in stores, you can sign up for a free sample on the Flex website. Orders will ship in September.

Is Flex cashing in on a sexist taboo?

Flex has received some criticism on Twitter for its insistence that women feel terribly self conscious about period sex, as well as the company's emphasis on the supposed problem of interrupting the mood to run to the bathroom to remove a tampon or pad. Some critics have said that these issues concern men far more than they do women.

Even Tech Crunch's review of the product noted that the site's female writers "didn’t love how Flex’s marketing hinges on the idea that periods are gross."


Additionally, many women attest that period blood can be an excellent natural lubricant. Meanwhile, a 2012 study by the University of Groningen found that we overcome feelings of disgust during arousal, suggesting that a little blood isn't actually all that icky in the moment.

It also may be worth noting that Flex also isn't the only sanitary item you can use during sex, though its packaging may be the most chic; Softcup created a line of menstrual cups you can wear during sex, which have been on the market for 18 years and have also reportedly never caused TSS.

More than 20,000 people have signed up to try Flex out, according to the Cut, and "25 percent of trial interest has been from men." Testimonials on the company website report that sex on Flex (sorry) was mess free, and that neither partner could feel the disc during intercourse.

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