Another Gross Beauty Challenge Is Going Viral for the Wrong Reasons

March 31st 2016

Taylor Bell

Damn China, back at again with the unrealistic beauty challenges.

This one's called the #iPhone6 challenge and it's the latest trend out of China encouraging woman to show of their exceptionally thin bodies.


This comes just two weeks after the A4 waist challenge rocked the internet by encouraging women to show off how their their waistlines are by hiding them behind a sheet of A4 paper.

This time around, women and girls are placing an iPhone 6 on top of their knees to show how skinny their legs are, according to NextShark. If your knees are more narrow than the iPhone, you've proved that have have skinny legs, and have thus won the challenge.

iphone 6 challenge

iphone 6 challenge

iphone 6 challenge

Women began posting pictures of themselves participating in the challenge on the Chinese app Weibo. It's now trending on the app with 67 million views and 500,000 comments, according to Shanghaiist.com.

But like the A4 Waist challenge, the iPhone 6 challenge is drawing its critics, with people objecting to the it's unrealistic standards of beauty.

"Hopefully next there will be a challenge to measure stupidity," one user of the app commented.

"Whoever started these beauty trends certainly deserves a medal, something along the lines of 'The Most Moronic Idea of the Year'," said one Facebook user, Mashable reports.

The challenge has yet to pick up steam in America, and it comes at time when traditional beauty industry standards have been tested by plus-size model Ashley Graham, who graced the cover of Sports Illustrated earlier this year, and American Eagle Outfitters, who has encouraged body diversity with their popular #AerieReal campaign.