You Will Sob Your Eyes out When You See How This Little Girl Reacted to Her Parent Transitioning

March 30th 2016

Laura Donovan

One child's enthusiastic reaction to learning one of her parents is transitioning is stealing hearts on social media.

A Pennsylvania woman named Shalee Olivia Ellis recently shared a Facebook video that shows her 6-year-old daughter Layla responding to hearing for the first time that her other parent is transitioning to female. The clip, which is from early January but was posted online last week, opens with Layla exclaiming that it makes her feel "good" to learn her "daddy," who now identifies as Mallory, is transitioning.

Shalee Olivia Ellis

"Daddy doesn't feel happy as a boy," Ellis tells Layla. "We've decided to help daddy become the person that his brain and his heart tell him that he really is."

Layla is also supportive when Ellis says that she and Mallory recently went shopping for different clothes and makeup. Layla gives a thumbs up when asked how she feels about her dad's new name.

The touching video has gotten a lot of positive feedback on social media.


“This video is one of the best examples of how compassionate and loving children are naturally,” Ellis told BuzzFeed News in an interview about the clip. “This video proves that hatred is a learned trait, and if we as adults can change the way we talk about individuals who identify as transgender, then we have an opportunity to take a bite out of transphobia and discrimination against trans people with the upbringing of a generation that loves their fellow man unconditionally — regardless of any physical descriptors.”

Watch the clip below:


I have been asked several times about how Layla responded to being told about her dad being transgender. I turned my camera on half way through the conversation, and this is what ensued. #unconditionallove #transgender #hatredistaughtETA: this is from early January. 󾌵

Posted by Shalee Olivia Ellis on Thursday, March 24, 2016

[H/T BuzzFeed News]

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