These Photos Capture the Huge Burst of Activism Today on MLK Day

January 19th 2015

ATTN: Staff

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. This year's holiday has been a rallying point for activists demanding reforms of the criminal justice system in the wake of the high-profile police shootings of unnarmed black men. Here are some of the striking images that we have seen.

In Oakland, CA, protestors pledged to #WakeUpTheMayor, referencing new mayor Libby Schaff, who was recently sworn in.

In Seattle, WA:

In Kalamazoo, MI: 

Reclaim MLK in Cleveland, OH: 

In Philadelphia, PA: 

In Los Angeles, CA: 

In Denver, CO: 

In St. Louis, MO:

In Atlanta, GA: 

In Chicago, IL: 

In Kentucky:

In Washington, DC:

We've also seen a few Black Brunch moments. Black Brunches are sort of like a flash mob protest that happens inside a well-to-do restaurant known for serving brunch. Protestors show up here in an effort to educate the diners about the issues facing the black community.