Miley Cyrus Just Went Off on Donald Trump's Sexism

March 26th 2016

Kylie Cheung

Singer Miley Cyrus has called out Republican front-runner Donald Trump before, but her latest Instagram post condemning his "stupid ass sexist shit" is probably her most biting response to the candidate yet.

Cyrus on Friday called out Trump's latest attack on Heidi Cruz, wife of rival of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. Trump's tweet compared an unflattering photo of Heidi to a GQ cover photo of Melania Trump with the caption "the images are worth a thousand words," suggesting that a woman's appearance was what qualified her for the position of First Lady.

But Cyrus simply wasn't having it.

"We [women] have an understanding and respect for one another (more than trump can say about anyone, his fellow candidates, other races and religions , other public figures , just HUMAN BEINGS in general, and of course animals! Check out his family hunting photos!!!!)," Cyrus wrote.

Trump shared the offensive meme on Wednesday, following a misogynistic ad by a Ted Cruz Super PAC featuring a nude shot of Trump's wife. Cruz, for his part, has condemned the ad and denied involvement.

In response, rather than opting for the high road or to refocus the dialogue on the issues, Trump threatened to "spill the beans" on Ted's wife as a form of revenge.

Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson then criticized Heidi in an MSNBC interview earlier this week, identifying Heidi as a "Bush operative" and listing her work in association with NAFTA, on the Council of Foreign Relations, and for Goldman Sachs. 

The attack on Cruz's wife might have been underhanded, but at the very least, Pierson's words focused on Heidi's work rather than her appearance, as Trump's tweet did.

Cyrus has previously condemned Trump's hunting on her Instagram, claiming that it made her "so unbelievable scared and sad ... Not only for our country but for animals that I love more than anything in this world."