This Guy Set out to Discover the Taste of Human Flesh

March 23rd 2016

Kyle Jaeger

We finally have an answer to the age-old question: What does human flesh really taste like? Apparently, the answer is a combination of red meats such as veal, lamb, and pork.

In an effort to determine the flavor composition of human flesh, British reporter Greg Foot allowed a doctor to extract part of his thigh muscle using biopsy tools. He then had the samples analyzed for the first time in ever in a recent episode of Brit Lab.

It's technically illegal to consume human flesh in the U.K., so rather than conduct a traditional taste test, the scientists cooked the thigh muscle sample in a lab and analyzed its aromatic profile. Because smell accounts for about 80 percent of taste, the experiment offered the most detailed insights into the flavor of human meat.

After an initial recoil from the odor of his cooked muscle, Foot conceded that it "actually smells quite nice" and "really meaty" such as "beef or ale stew."

It wasn't enough to satisfy Foot's curiosity to simply analyze the meat's aroma, however, so he used data from the experiment to concoct a realistic, legal, and totally edible version of human flesh by blending meats that closely resemble the aromatic profile of his own thigh and making a synthetic human burger.

"It's good," Foot said after taking the first bite. "It's really beefy, a bit lamb-y — I think that's going to be the closest I'm ever going to get to tasting human, but I'll tell you what: It's pretty good."

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