How Facebook Is Helping Victims of the Brussels Attacks and Their Families

March 22nd 2016

Nicole Charky

Facebook is helping victims in the hours after an apparent terror attack in Brussels left more than 30 people dead and many injured at the Zaventem airport and a subway station in the neighborhood of Maelbeek by activating its safety check feature. This allows people to tell family or friends if they are safe when an emergency happens, and this feature has been used during terrorist attacks in Paris, Nigeria, and Turkey as well, Mashable reports.

Facebook security check for Brussels

After Tuesday's attacks in Belgium, people were asking for Facebook to turn the function on for victims, CNBC reports. Phone lines were apparently down and connection was bad for many people in the area impacted by the explosions.

Brussels is on lockdown in the aftermath of terror attacks.


At least 34 people are dead and 130 are injured, CNN reports, and according to authorities, that death toll could change. As of now, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

A suicide bomber was behind at least one of the explosions at the airport, Frederic Van Leeuw, Belgian Federal Prosecutor, said in a press conference.