These Body Parts Prove Evolution Is Real

March 20th 2016

Ingrid Holmquist

A viral video from Vox shows the many human body parts, which show evidence of our evolution from animals.

As postulated in the theory of evolution by natural selection, animals — including humans — change over time, shedding certain physical or behavioral traits, which no longer serve a purpose. However, some unneeded, un-harmful remnants of our ancestors have remained; these evolutionary leftovers are called vestigial structures

These structures are virtually purposelessness, yet, they serve as visual markers of evolution. The video from Vox goes into further detail about vestigial structures that you can see in on your own body:

"Look closely and you'll see body parts that aren't there because you need them, but because your animal ancestors did. These remnants of our deep history only make sense within the framework of evolution by natural selection."

For example, the Palmaris longus tendon that some humans have, and rarely use, but that some mammal species, which use their forelimbs to travel, consider vital. Even getting goose bumps is a leftover response, which is necessary for some animals to survive.

Though the theory of evolution is supported by an overwhelming majority of the scientific community (99.9 percent of the scientific community, according to the Huffington Post), Americans continue to disagree on the validity of evolution. In June of 2014, a Gallup poll found that four in 10 Americans believe humans were created by God 10,000 years ago in the same form they exist in today.

After the numbers were crunched in the Values and Beliefs survey, Gallup found that attitudes about evolution haven’t changed much over the past couple decades, as Vox points out.

While fossils, comparing anatomy, and genetics all point toward evolution, perhaps viewing evolution in progress can be easier than digging up rocks or studying genomes. You can see evolution at work by studying your own body.

[H/T Vox]