Wendy Williams Blames Trump Kids for Trump's Behavior

March 15th 2016

Danielle DeCourcey

Wendy Williams, host of the "Wendy Williams Show," is done with the Trump family. She spent nearly five minutes on yesterday’s show during her “Hot Topics” segment calling out Donald Trump for racism and slamming his children for not telling their father that “being racist was never cool.”

She said that the Trumps, former “friends of the show,” are banned, and Williams also encouraged her fans to throw out everything they bought from Ivanka Trump's fashion line. Ivanka Trump has promoted that same fashion line and other projects on the show in the past.

"It’s a shame because his kids seem to be decent kids but now we don’t even like you," she said.

The Trump talk starts about eight minutes into the video below, where Williams says his name and then passionately screams "Boo!" into the audience.

Williams quickly gave partial blame for Trump's behavior to his children. “You can’t tell me that grown children don’t have some kind of authority over their own parents,” she said.

Williams said that Trump’s presidential candidacy has gone too far and when he first announced it, she thought it was a joke.

But that position is a bit of a departure from statements she made on CNN last year in September. In an interview with Don Lemon, Williams bragged that if Trump wins she’ll get an invitation to the White House.

“I love Donald Trump. He’s a friend to the show," she said. She goes on to say that she understands why Americans support him.

"You know I honestly think that his campaign has more legs than I thought that it would," she said. “We understand him here in the New York - TriState area. We’re 'say it like we mean it' kind of people."

However, she did tell Lemon that she would not vote for Trump although she didn't give a clear reason.

Yesterday on her talk show, Williams said she ended their friendship after he made comments that she said incited violence and racism.

“You know he is baiting people with weak minds. People who can’t think for themselves,” she said to her audience. “And he knows exactly what he’s doing.”

It looks like Trump’s friendship is fired.

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