Anonymous Has Declared War on Donald Trump

March 15th 2016

Kyle Jaeger

The hacker-activist collection known as Anonymous called on members to wage a "total war" against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in a video on Tuesday in a follow-up to their 2015 operation against the GOP front-runner. The reported attack comes ahead of the primary presidential elections in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri and North Carolina. 


A person who claims to represent the group uploaded a video on YouTube that outlines the strategy to "dismantle" Trump's campaign and "expose what he doesn’t want the public to know" through a series of online attacks targeting his properties, brand, and websites. The first planned attack is scheduled for April 1, when Anonymous hopes to take down the website for Trump's luxury condominiums in Chicago.

Anonymous members have already reportedly released unverified personal information about Trump and his campaign staff, Engadget reports. That allegedly includes the candidate's social security number.

"We have been watching you for a long time and what we’ve seen is deeply disturbing," the person in the video says. "You don’t stand for anything but your personal greed and power."

"This is a call to arms. Shut down his websites, research and expose what he doesn’t want the public to know. We need you to dismantle his campaign and sabotage his brand."

ATTN: previously reported on Anonymous' "OpTrump" campaign in 2015, when a representative for the group vowed to attack the presidential candidate's online networks after he proposed a ban on all Muslim immigration to the U.S. At the time, Anonymous reportedly dismantled one website affiliated with Trump properties in New York through a DDOS (distributed-denial-of-service) attack.

The latest development was described as a revival of the operation "on a much larger scale."

"This is a declaration of total war," the alleged Anonymous member says. "OperationTrump engaged."

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