Ariana Grande Calls out the Music Industry's Sexist Double Standards

March 14th 2016

Alex Mierjeski

Ariana Grande is calling out the sexist double standards that women face everyday in the music industry and beyond.

Voicing her support for Kesha, the pop star currently embroiled in a sexual assault case against her producer and record label, Grande said that a man in Kesha's position would not face the same opposition.

"The incredible double standards that we [women] face on a daily basis, in the industry and just in the world, it’s shocking," Grande said in an interview with Amp Radio last week. "I would be so amused — and pardon me if this comes across as sexist — but I don’t think a male artist would be in this position right now. Sorry."

"I love Kesha," Grande said. "I worked with her when I was a lot younger. We’ve been friends, I support her, regardless of what’s going on."

Listen to the interview clip below:

Kesha's ongoing case against Sony and Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald has dragged on since 2014, when the "Tik Tok" singer filed suit to have her contract terminated. Kesha alleges that Dr. Luke drugged and raped her, among other accusations. Dr. Luke has denied the allegations.

Last week, it was reported that Sony was expected to drop Dr. Luke following the public relations storm that has followed the case, and has included a number of high-profile celebrities speaking out.

"Kesha has no case in regards to her contract but they can't afford the Adeles of the world out in the streets calling the label unsupportive," a source familiar with Sony's upper management told the Wrap. "The fact that this hasn't already been taken care of with Luke is confusing, especially for people in the building."

A spokesperson for Dr. Luke denied the reports.