What Happened When This Mom Wrote About Being Naked in Front of Her Kids

March 9th 2016

Laura Donovan

Australian blogger Constance Hall wrote in a viral Facebook post that she isn't afraid to be naked in front of her children because this can actually prevent them from developing unrealistic body standards for women in the future.

Even though nudity is natural, there is still a stigma surrounding nudity in our culture, particularly with regards to being naked in front of one's children, so Hall's viral post tackles a major taboo facing parents.


I advocate nakedness around your children, homes and husbands. I don't want my boys expectations of women to resemble...

Posted by Constance Hall on Monday, March 7, 2016


"I advocate nakedness around your children, homes and husbands," Hall wrote. "I don't want my boys' expectations of women to resemble those that they see in magazines or TV nor do I want my girls' expectations of themselves to."

Hall added that she thinks that self-love and body positive messages of today will greatly change how the next generation defines beauty, which will be viewed in a "radically different" way.

"[N]o longer will we idolize the unrealistic airbrushed idea of perfection that causes so much self doubt and depression," Hall wrote. "If you have stretch marks, a hairy minge, saggy boobs, a flat bum, smile lines, a wobbly belly, cellulite, a tiny chest, or any other REAL women traits, the world needs to be flooded with your image. THE WORLD IS DESPERATE FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL IMAGE."

Hall's post has received nearly 70,000 Facebook reactions as of writing time as well as many positive comments from mothers who take the same approach to nudity in front of their kids:


Hall, who has nearly 500,000 Facebook fans, is very popular among mothers on social media. She famously made headlines two months ago when she posted a viral Facebook post about the many conflicts of parenthood. In her post, she applauded mothers who attend to their own needs and take time for themselves even though many people consider it selfish of moms to put themselves first.

"To the woman at the park, looking at her phone, ignoring her children, I salute you," she wrote. "For not giving into the public perception that you should be switched on, 24 hours a day. For giving no fucks about what 'constable mother's group' thinks."


To the woman at the park, looking at her phone, ignoring her children,I salute you. For not giving into the public...

Posted by Constance Hall on Saturday, January 16, 2016


She also showed support for mothers who have to take anti-depressants to function and seek help for postpartum depression. Mental illness is greatly stigmatized among many, so Hall's efforts to start a dialogue about it online greatly resonated with moms.

"Being a good mum or wife or human does NOT mean spending eternity cleaning your house," Hall wrote. "If you leave them for long enough your friends will start doing them. To the woman at the doctors surgery, waiting patiently to request some antidepressants, I salute you."

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