Justin Trudeau Extended an Open Invitation to Americans Fleeing Donald Trump

March 7th 2016

Kyle Jaeger

In a Monday interview with the Huffington Post, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that Americans were more than welcome to move up north if Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was elected into office. 

Justin Trudeau

When asked about Trump's controversial policy proposals on immigration and national security, the prime minister didn't specifically comment but suggested that Americans were welcome to move to Canada if the candidate won the general election. While he said he didn't want to "pick a fight" with the GOP front-runner, Trudeau joked that "Cape Breton is lovely, all times of the year."

"I prefer to trust that my American friends will exercise their democratic rights with a level of the wisdom of crowds that always ends up coming through in a democracy," Trudeau said. "The reality is that we will work alongside our neighbors and allies regardless of the political choices they make."

The global town hall event with the Huffington Post took place days before Trudeau is scheduled to attend a state dinner with President Obama at the White House on Thursday. Obama has previously commented on the similarities between his 2008 presidential campaign and Trudeau's 2015 run.

"I know Canadians are incredibly inspired by your message of hope and change," Obama said in December.

As for the 2016 presidential election, Trudeau declined to endorse a specific candidate but emphasized the importance of maintaining strong relations with the U.S., especially when it comes to social issues and the economy. 

"I'm not going to weigh in on various candidates," he told the Huffington Post. "My job as prime minister is going to be to work with whoever gets elected ... And the relationship between Canada and the United States on an economic, on a cultural, on a social level, is too important for me to start picking fights with anyone right now."

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