Facebook Status Reveals How Destructive Trump's Xenophobia Really Is

March 8th 2016

Kylie Cheung

One mother in Virginia has apparently opened up about the brutal bullying her third grade child on Facebook faced after one of their peers brought up Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

America. 2016. The mainstreaming of bigotry trickling down to children.

Posted by Shaun King on Sunday, March 6, 2016

The post, which has since been either deleted or made private, was captured via screenshot by New York Daily News' Shaun King, who shared Evelyn Momplaisir's words via Facebook on March 6 (see above).

For anyone out there who thinks the racist rhetoric Donald Trump is spewing is harmless...I just got a call from my son'...

Posted by Evelyn Momplaisir on Thursday, March 3, 2016

Momplaisir, who lives in Fairfax County Virginia, apparently wrote this:

"For anyone out there who thinks the racist rhetoric Donald Trump is spewing is harmless... I just got a call from my son's teacher giving me a heads up that two of his classmates decided to point out the 'immigrants' in the class who would be sent 'home' when Trump becomes president. They singled him out and were pointing and laughing at him as one who would have to leave because of the color of his skin."

Donald Trump's hateful rhetoric has often targeted individuals of color: namely Mexicans, Muslims, and blacks, whom he and his campaign have consistently attacked in both language and policy proposals.

There have been an increasing number of Trump supporters making headlines for a series of bigoted acts. In Boston, two men reportedly beat and urinated on a homeless Mexican man in Trump's name in August 2015, CNN reported.

Last week, news media cameras and social media showed Trump supporters verbally and physically assaulting black protesters at a Trump rally in Louisville, Ky. (Trump for his part has used phrases like "maybe he should have been roughed up," in reference to a protester being harmed at a rally in Birmingham, Ala. in November 2015.)

And now, it appears this intolerance has even reached elementary schools, with this report of children harassing and ostracizing each other, as Momplaisir claims, "because of the color" of their skin.

Sadly, racists tried to act like we made this up.Thankful for the crew at Snopes for taking the time to confirm this...

Posted by Shaun King on Monday, March 7, 2016

A Fairfax County school official confirmed on Monday that the incident did occur, after prominent Black activist Shaun King faced mild backlash for sharing the story on Facebook, as some on the internet expressed doubt that it truly took place.

John Torre, a spokesman for the school system, told The Washington Post this:

“The teacher has spoken with the students, and communicated with parents of the class, regarding appropriate classroom decorum. FCPS works to create an environment that is conducive to learning and where everyone is treated with respect.”

ATTN: reached out multiple times to Momplaisir, and will update this article upon receiving a response.