Miley Cyrus Is Having a Meltdown Over the Possibility of a Trump Presidency

March 3rd 2016

Laura Donovan

Singer Miley Cyrus posted a series of brutally honest Instagram photos about her distaste for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump following his victories in several states on Super Tuesday.

Cyrus, a known animal lover, posted a triple split screen Instagram photo on Wednesday juxtaposing an image of her crying beside Donald Trump posing with an unnamed female hunter. The post also includes a picture of the female hunter holding up a dead mountain lion with pride.


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"This makes me so [unbelievably] scared and sad," Cyrus wrote. "Not only for our country but for animals that I love more than anything in this world.... My heart is broken into a 100000 pieces ..... I think I may vomit ...."

Cyrus then took a dig at Trump's ego, stating that he is not God "no matter how much" he thinks he is.

"We're all just fucking jam between his rich ass toes!" she continued. "Honestly fuck this shit I am moving if this is my president! I don't say things I don't mean!"

Cyrus also shared an Instagram photo of bloody hands from an unnamed hunter's Instagram account and said this is how the country would look under Trump's control. The photo was taken after a successful moose hunt, and Cyrus wrote that it made her want to throw up:


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"I'm gonna puke," she wrote. "This what our future looks like with [Donald Trump]."

Cyrus posted the images above after sharing a screenshot of who was leading the Republican Party during Super Tuesday and a photo of Trump himself:


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"gonna vom / move out da country," she wrote alongside the hashtag #aintnopartyindausaanymo, a reference to her wildly popular 2009 hit, "Party in the U.S.A."


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"Donald Trump is a fucking nightmare!" Cyrus continued.

Cyrus didn't just single out Republican candidates, though. The musician also called out supporters of Democratic contender Sen. Bernie Sanders in a photo that suggests they celebrate him online but don't actually get out and vote:


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Cyrus, who has championed the LGBT community, famously guest starred on "Saturday Night Live" alongside Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton during the fall. In one skit, Cyrus even portrayed a Trump supporter.

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