Is this New Nail Polish the Solution to Preventing Sexual Assault?

August 28th 2014

Lindsay Haskell

As the fall college semester commences, the U.S. Justice Department is warning students of the dangers of sexual assault, with one of their recent reports showing that college freshmen have the highest risk of becoming a victim of sexual assault. One group of entrepreneurs' solution to this problem is simple- a nail polish that changes color when it comes into contact with roofie-laced drinks. But is this new tactic helpful or harmful?

This product seems to put the responsibility of not getting raped on to the woman, instead of addressing that erroneous cultural attitude on rape head-on. One top female judge in Britain recently caused a stir by stating that the low rape convictions in her area would not improve “until women stop getting so drunk.” So not only should women be responsible for detecting roofies in drinks, they should also be responsible for not having one too many drinks. The list of rules to avoid rape just keeps growing and growing.

California has taken a radical step by passing a sexual assault bill on Monday with a 52-16 vote. This bill, dubbed the 'Yes Means Yes' sexual assault bill, shifts the focus from victims having to prove they resisted sexual advances to partners ensuring that one another affirmatively consents to sex. It also states that one individual being incapacitated by drugs or drinking does not equal consent.

Thus, victims will not have to fear that their rape will be disregarded due to their drunkenness or silence. Hopefully this will prove to be the first step to changing the rape culture that permeates the United States.