The NY Daily News Just Issued an Emergency Plan for Trump Haters

March 2nd 2016

Kyle Jaeger

The New York Daily News isn't joking about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump anymore. The paper's Wednesday cover offers instructions on how to flee the U.S. if Trump is elected president.

"Remember when you said you'd leave the U.S. if Trump were elected?" the headline reads. "We don't blame you. And it's time to start planning."

The cover is a response to Trump's sweeping victories in a majority of primary states on Super Tuesday. While the Daily News has made a habit of mocking the GOP front-runner for his outlandish statements on immigration policy, for example, Wednesday's cover signals a shift in the editorial attitude toward the candidate.

"MAKE AMERICA MIGRATE," the headline continues, featuring an "End of Days Guide to Fleeing the Country" in the event that Trump secures the Republican nomination and advances toward the presidency.

As of 8:00 p.m. PST, Trump has won six out of 11 primary states on Super Tuesday.

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