How 9 Other Countries Do Breakfast

March 7th 2016

Taylor Bell

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and in the U.S. the options for our morning plates are pretty standard. Go to any diner or hit up McDonald's All-Day Breakfast and you are sure to find eggs, bacon, pancakes and waffles.

While these foods are typical for an American a.m. meal, breakfast looks a lot different around the world. While some countries also load up on carbs and protein, others favor food like beans, noodles or even soup.

Here is how breakfast stacks up around the world.

1. Egypt

If you head to Egypt and sit down at a restaurant for breakfast you'll probably be served ful medames, which is also the national dish of Egypt. It consists of mashed fava beans served with pita bread, onions, pickled vegetables and fresh arugula on the side.


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2. France

Unlike other European breakfasts, the French shy away from eating meat during breakfast. Instead, they start the day off with something simple and light. A baguette or croissant accompanied with coffee, fruit or yogurt is considered the perfect French breakfast.


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3. China

There are many different breakfast choices in China based on region — from dim sum, rice porridge and noodles — but one of the top morning dishes is baozi. These small steamed buns are generally filled with ground pork, bean paste or vegetables such as spinach, eggplant or eggs.


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4. Italy

The Italians get us when it comes to the a.m.: They love their coffee and love it at breakfast. Besides an Italian-style croissant or pastry, the Italian breakfast is all coffee. Options include hot espresso, cappuccino or caffe latte. Those looking to skip the caffeine can order orzo, a slightly nutty, roasted-barley beverage that looks like cocoa.


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5. Sweden

According to USA Today, the typical Swedish breakfast is a smörgås or open-faced sandwich. It consists of two slices of bread, topped with butter, and a choice of the following: cheese, herbs, cucumber, tomato, hard-boiled eggs, ham and beef.


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6. Japan

The Japanese aren't hearty eaters in the morning. Typically, a Japanese breakfast consists of a bowl of miso soup, rice or rice porridge called okayu, a piece of cooked fish and some vegetables. It can also be served with bread, eggs, meat and green tea.


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7. Russia

Because it's so big and diverse, the breakfast options in Russia vary but one of the most common items is kasha, a type of porridge made from different grains. The grain used in this dish is commonly known as "Farina" or "cream of wheat" in the U.S. Russian also favor sandwiches with dark rye bread, black tea and on occasion, prepare Russian pancakes called blini.


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8. England

Our brothers from across the pond seem to have the most comparable breakfast to the U.S. According to the Mirror UK, the "must-have ingredients" in an English meal are: fried eggs, smoked bacon, thick sausages, grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, toast and baked beans. And of course, what would a full English breakfast be without a cup of tea.


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9. Mexico

Breakfast is hearty for our Southern neighbors and includes huevos rancheros which are tortillas, rice, beans and eggs covered in a spicy red sauce according to Saveur. For a full-on a.m. fiesta, you can add spicy black beans, fruity chiltomate salsa and tangy pickled onions.


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