Adele Just Gave a Big Hello to Kesha

February 24th 2016

Lucy Tiven

At Wednesday's BRIT Awards, yet another massive pop star spoke out in support of Kesha: Adele. After a New York Supreme Court judge denied Kesha an injunction releasing her from a contract with her alleged abuser and Sony producer Dr. Luke last Friday, celebrities came out in droves to voice statements of solidarity and compassion for the singer.

The judge decided not to release Kesha from her contract with Dr. Luke — who she alleges drugged and sexually assaulted her — due to the producer's $60 million investment in her pop music career. The controversial decision spurred a discussion on how the rights of victims measure up to those of corporations.

Adele, who is also a Sony Music artist, spoke out on Wednesday:

"I'd like to take this moment to publicly say I support Kesha," Adele said in her acceptance speech for the BRIT Award for best female solo artist. Adele also thanked her own management for supporting her as a female artist, according to TMZ. Adele earned the applause of Kesha's fans and supporters on social media.

Adele's massive success has hugely contributed to Sony Music's profitability, and many Twitter users have said her stance is a major blow for the label.

Adele has been historically outspoken about feminism and LGBT equality, and was recently lauded by advocates for LGBT equality after she was photographed taking her son to Disneyland dressed as a Disney princess. Adele's public support of Kesha shows that she hasn't let her contractual relationship with Sony color or silence her, it and puts immense pressure on the label, whose lawyers called Kesha's accusations unsubstantiated and criticized Dr. Luke's "trial by Twitter" in a statement released on Monday.

Other celebrities and pop stars have spoken out on Twitter, and Kesha posted a heartfelt thank you to her fans, music industry peers, and supporters on Instagram on Tuesday.