What Happened When Mac Posted a Photo of a Black Woman's Lips on Instagram

February 18th 2016

Laura Donovan

A recent MAC Cosmetics Instagram photo of a Black woman's natural lips, which prompted a slew of racist comments, is now inspiring a conversation about double standards in the beauty world.

Mic deputy news editor Ashley Alese Edwards posted a screenshot of the racist and mean-spirited remarks on Twitter on Wednesday:

Racist Instagram comments

Racist Instagram comments

Racist Instagram comments


Racist Instagram comments

After Edwards' tweet went viral and caused a stir on social media, many commenters responded to the racism by saying the photo is gorgeous.

Commenters also pointed out the irony that white celebrity Kylie Jenner was praised for getting lip fillers last year, while the woman in this picture was subjected to racism and hurtful remarks for the natural appearance of her lips.

Some wrote that the mean comments stem from jealousy:

Racist Instagram comments

Racist Instagram comments

MAC released this statement via Twitter to ATTN: regarding the controversy:

How other brands have responded to intolerant social media comments.

This comes shortly after Adidas was widely celebrated for shutting down homophobic comments in a recent Instagram image. The photo, which was posted on Valentine's Day, shows two women romantically embracing in matching pink shoes:


A photo posted by adidas (@adidas) on

When some commenters complained that Adidas should not have featured a lesbian couple, the brand took the high road by responding with a kiss emoji and reminding the critics that Valentine's Day is all about love, not hate:

Many were pleased with Adidas' reaction to the negativity:

H/T: Ashley Alese Edwards

This article has been updated to include a Twitter statement from MAC.

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