Arcade Fire Frontman Win Butler Cut Off While Talking About U.S. Healthcare

February 13th 2016

Aron Macarow

Arcade Fire front man Win Butler wants America to reform its health care system but apparently ESPN doesn't want you to hear about it. After the Butler was named MVP of the 2016 Celebrity All-Star basketball game in Toronto Friday night — taking down the American celebrity team 74-63 — he seized the opportunity to control more than the basketball, shifting the post-game interview with ESPN's Sage Steele to shine a light on U.S. politics.

"I just wanted to say, it's an election year in the U.S. The U.S. has a lot it can learn from Canada, [such as] health care, taking care of people..."

Butler's bold soapbox moment was brief; Steele cut him off almost immediately as the exit music was cued up over their exchange. "So we're talking about celebrity stuff, not politics," Steele responded. "Congratulations on your MVP."


As the camera panned away from the uncomfortable exchange, we're left to wonder what the Arcade Fire singer would have said had he been allowed to continue. Canada's healthcare isn't perfect, but adopting our northern neighbor's medical system would result in some surprising improvements. According to the Commonwealth Fund, there would be a lower infant mortality rate, 57 million more people getting the health care they need because of reduced cost barriers and we'd also likely save $1.3 trillion dollars in healthcare spending annually. Despite spending more per capita on healthcare than other developed nations, America ranks dead last in the quality of medical care provided to citizens.

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Butler's tangent isn't the only time a non-American has critiqued the system. British national John Oliver frequently criticizes U.S. healthcare on HBO's "Last Week Tonight," at one point calling our mental health care resources "an insult to clusterfucks." In fact, that's probably the most awkward part of the exchange between Butler and ESPN: the fact that a Canadian singer is calling out the healthcare inadequacies and we're not.

Watch the entire interview between Steele and Butler here: