Gillian Anderson Just Gave the Middle Finger to This Sexist Story About Her

February 12th 2016

Laura Donovan

"The X-Files" star Gillian Anderson is earning praise for her viral tweet calling out a sexist Daily Mail article, which insinuates she had plastic surgery to maintain her youthful looks at the age of 47.

The Daily Mail article enlisted the help of experts to determine whether Anderson had undergone plastic surgery on her face, as some "X-Files" revival viewers have said it seems like she hasn't aged since first taking on the role of Scully in the show more than two decades ago.

The publication quoted experts who claimed Anderson looked like she had gone under the knife, and published an image that picks apart her facial features and details the supposed evidence of cosmetic surgery.

Daily Mail Gillian Anderson piece

Anderson's followers expressed outrage over the story and used social media to call out the Daily Mail. Fans even started the hashtag #GillianAndersonIsBeautiful to uplift the celebrity:

Anderson is not the only one to slam the Daily Mail for its coverage of females in the public eye. Earlier this week, reality star Kim Kardashian took the publication to task for claiming in a headline that she had recently gone into a "self imposed diet exile." Kardashian wrote that she was actually on maternity leave.

After the Daily Mail changed their headline, Kardashian thanked the outlet:

And late last year, comedian Amy Schumer tweeted an unkind Daily Mail caption about her appearance: