People Are Outraged Over This Islamophobia Vandalism Case

February 11th 2016

Kyle Jaeger

A luxury car in Sydney, Australia was smashed and vandalized with Islamophobic graffiti on Tuesday — the latest in a series of anti-Islamic incidents that have taken place following the ISIS-related attacks in France last year


Police found the battered car parked in an Australian suburb, according to local news reports. An unknown offender shattered the windows, slashed the tires, smashed the front end in, and wrote racist phrases in yellow spray paint all over the Audi, which costs upwards of $100,000. The owner of the car has not been identified, so it is unclear if the individual is a Muslim.


"F**k off Arab Muslim s**t," the unknown offender wrote.


The upside of this story, if there is any, was the response of city officials and a local car repair shop, Queen Street Group. The shop posted photos of the vandalized vehicle and wrote that the crime reflected an ongoing problem with xenophobia in Australia.

Unfortunately this is the kind of country we live in where there is minorities who do this, always trying to put others...

Posted by Queen Street Group on Monday, February 8, 2016

"Unfortunately this is the kind of country we live in where there is minorities who do this, always trying to put others down for self gratification," Queen Street Group wrote. "Whoever did this I hope you have a good look at what you've done, as humans we pity you. To the owner of this car, we apologize on behalf of humanity that there are people like this out there."

The Bankstown Police Department said that it was currently "investigating the circumstances surrounding" the vandalism case and believed the crime was racially motivated.

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Islamophobia in the aftermath of ISIS-related attacks is not an exclusively American problem. That much is clear from the rise in anti-Islamic activity in countries that have embraced Syrian refugees.