The Hilarious Places Bernie Sanders' Face Is Popping Up

February 10th 2016

Kyle Jaeger

When Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders first announced his candidacy eight months ago, few were familiar with the 74-year-old Vermont senator, whose name and face are now ubiquitous.

His famously zealous supporters have managed to turn Sanders' iconic look (glasses, tuft of white hair) into a marketable and shareable brand. And after he won the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, Sanders declared that the "political revolution" he's called for was officially underway. Even the "establishment media" will have to take notice, he says, so expect to see a lot more of him in the coming months. That won't be hard, given all the unusual places his fans have begun to plaster his face in support of the self-described democratic socialist.

Here are 15 unconventional places where Sanders' face has popped up.

1. Permanently inked onto body parts

Bernie Sanders tattoo


A photo posted by Gus Duarte (@tattooistgus) on

2. Toast

Bernie Sanders toast

3. Lockers

Bernie Sanders locker


5. Valentine's Day cards

Bernie Sanders v-day

6. Hot sauce

Bernie Sanders hot sauce

7. Puppets

Bernie Sanders puppet

8. Dolls

Bernie Sanders doll

9. Cookies

Bernie Sanders cookies

10. Vinyl laptop decals

Bernie Sanders decal

11. Coffee mugs

Bernie Sanders coffee mug

12. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Bernie's Yearning

13. Wallets

Bernie Sanders wallet

14. Underwear

Bernie Sanders underwear

15. Lighters

Bernie Sanders lighter

You can even meet the Babies for Bernie, check out this ATTN: video:


Babies everywhere #FeelTheBern.

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