This Instagram Page Gives Rude Airline Passengers Exactly What They Deserve

February 12th 2016

Laura Donovan

Rental car rip-offsAirport security lines. Cramped airline seatsMore delays. There's a lot to dislike about air travel today.

So it absolutely doesn't help when your fellow passengers engage in inconsiderate or downright bizarre behavior, which happens more often than you think.

If you don't believe that, consider the popular Instagram account Passenger Shaming, which shares images of unnamed passengers doing uncool things on planes and in airports. How uncool? From slightly thoughtless behavior, such as taking up too much room on moving walkways, to truly disgusting behavior, such as walking around the aircraft without shoes. (The account has 340,000 followers and ranked 20th on Rolling Stone's list of the top 100 Instagram pages.)

Unusual plane behavior is more common during the summer, a busy time for the airline industry, a flight attendant named Kasondra told ATTN: last year (she asked us not to share her last name for fear of professional retribution). The warm season attracts passengers who don't fly very often, and it's these people who are the worst offenders when it comes to poor travel etiquette, Kasondra said.

"You get people clipping their toenails or just going into the lavatories barefoot," she said. "It's very gross in the lavatories. The floor is wet, and it's not water. I've had people pee on an exit door. When you're on an airplane all the time, you kind of know acceptable etiquette, but when you're not, and you don't travel, I think you don't realize the things you are doing [are weird]."

The rudeness doesn't end there. Here are some perfect examples of bad plane behavior from Passenger Shaming:

1. Putting your feet on the headrest or wall in front of you

2. Leaving food all over the floor and seats

3. Showing too much skin

4. Treating the overhead bin like a closet

5. Placing your feet in the seat back pocket

6. Putting your feet on the tray table, where people eat

7. Placing gum on the armrest

8. Taking up an entire row of seats and leaving your pants unzipped

9. Sleeping in the galley

10. Leaving a condom on the floor

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