The Young People Who Are Voting for Donald Trump

February 9th 2016

Alex Mierjeski

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump — who is expected to win here in New Hampshire on Tuesday — has led one of the more confounding campaigns in the race, and his surging support has baffled observers (including President Obama).

Nonetheless, his rhetoric and platform issues have apparently struck a deep chord among voters.

ATTN: wanted to find out why the divisive candidate appeals to young voters in New Hampshire, so we stopped by a Trump rally at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester on Monday night.

Will McAlister, 20

Trump voter

"I like how he's not afraid to speak his mind; everyone wants to say what he's saying but they don't wanna be judged," McAllister said. "I also like his financial beliefs; I think he can turn the economy around."

Brittany Potter, did not give age

Trump voter

"One of the main reasons why I like Trump — besides him being very outspoken and saying what everyone's thinking about — is that he supports our veterans," Potter said.

"Our veterans go to fight overseas, and they come back home and there's just not a lot of support for them; they have a hard time with health care, they have a hard time finding work, there's just not a lot of support for them," she continued. "I also like how he's talking about supporting the Second Amendment."

She added that the businessman supports her main issues: "The economy, veterans, and immigration... that's why I support Trump."

Curtis Boucher, 18

Trump voter

"I'm supporting Mr. Trump because he's gonna get everything done that the American people want; he's not bought and paid for. He cares about the economy, and he's gonna take care of America first before he starts patrolling the rest of the world. We need to start taking care of America before the rest of the world," said Boucher, adding that he mainly cares about the economy and immigration reform.

Bryan Bisson, 20

Trump voter

"Illegal immigration is one. The rest of the world thinks we're a wealthier system for them," Bisson said. "You know, illegal immigrants come across the border, and once they're here, they're here. We're done supporting everyone in the world. We're going broke because of it — we are broke. What I like about Trump is that he's not your typical politician. He says what we're all thinking. He may not be politically correct all the time, but he has a history and a track record of getting things done."

"As a young voter," Bisson added when asked if any other issues were important to him, "the college system, and the education system. Common core math is the devil's math."

David Morton, 18

Trump voter

"Immigration reform, you know, we need to figure out what's going on, who's coming in, we really need to get that under wraps," Morton said. "And also the economy. We're one of, if not the most, indebted nations in the world, and that's not how America should be. We should be the most thriving country in the world, and I think Mr. Trump is the only one who can bring us back to that state."